01 March 2017

31 May 2016


It's been so fudging long!
and i have some news!
During my absent we went to our planned New York Trip on new years eve (wich was awesome!!)

-quick photo op-

Aaaaaaand this happend:
I didn't knew but i was like a week pregnant during our trip, and then back on our hometown i began feeling really sick and having weird allergies, then a month later i found out and i was dealing with the stress of been sick all the time, and having to leave work during the week to go see a various number of doctors, after de first trimester my weird symptoms began to fade away, and so here i am. 

All my time and energy have been consumed by this little love monster growing inside me, so for now he/she's my current project.
I'm already in my 6th month planing my maternity photoshoot and the baby shower, and the arrival of the little ball of sunshine.
Hoping for the best.


10 December 2015

Christmas Gift Baskets - Hot Cocoa Kit

Hi there!, This week i've been doing my low budget christmas favors, since im saving up for my trip on new years eve, i decided to make a Hot Cocoa Kit Gift Basket.

So basically i just put together all the items like this:

I Filled a Wood Basket -
with shredded paper - 
then i put a serving of HEB Hot Cocoa into an empty Geber jar.
then i put marshmallows in it with the powder
kinda like this:
then i put the lid on and then a square piece of fabric on it held by some yarn.

i added a mug an put on more shredded paper and the caramel candy and kisses chocolates 

Then i put on the final touches in the basket, a cinamon stick
some printed tags on some of the items, a pine cone

a large candy cane and a gift bow around the basket

and voilá!!! Here is the final result, it's missing the candy cane and i added some pine leafs for a more Christmas-y look:
Hope this can help you this Holiday season!

12 November 2015


Yeii !!

I've been working really hard, painting away. I'm doing this hand painted totebags, i now have an inventory of almost 30 bags, wich i've been putting on sale thought facebook right HERE.
So i'm showing you some pictures of the process.

♥ I love all of them... ♥

05 November 2015

Bored...hence Gif

There was a girl bored as hell,
so she made for herself a random gif
a gif about a girl who was bored as hell
 but at least she have a weavy hair...

19 August 2015


Hey!, I've been so busy, haven`t had any free time to craft and stuff, but i've been working on this new TOTE BAG project, and you can find more info HERE.

Here's also a little taste:

09 March 2015

Offbeat Bride

Yei! Last week i was featured in Offbeatbride.com so, ch ch check it out! Love it!